Biological Soil Assessment

Testing the Soil Food Web in your Soil, Compost or Liquid Extract.

  • 1 minutes
  • 120 Australian dollars
  • The Regenerative Training Centre

Service Description

As a qualified Soil Food Web Lab Technician we will assess the biology in your soil as well as other metrics to produce a full report on the condition of your soil food web. This qualitative analysis will determine the presence/absence and balance of the entire microbiome of the soil/compost/product in question. This analysis provides the following data: Beneficial organisms Total bacteria biomass (μg/g) Total fungal biomass (μg/g) Total amoebae (#/g) Total flagellates (#/g) Total actinobacteria (μg/g) Presence of bacterial feeding nematodes (#/g) Presence of fungal feeding nematodes (#/g) Presence of predator nematodes (#/g) Non beneficial organisms Total Oomycete biomass (μg/g) Total ciliate biomass (#/g) Presence of root feeding nematodes (#/g) Pathogen and disease bacteria

Contact Details

  • 283 Woodrow Rd, Stanmore QLD, Australia